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Top instructional CDs, DVDs and books
to enhance your hatha yoga practice.

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Intermediate Yoga Class with Swami Asokananda DVD Integral Yoga Hatha Integral Yoga Hatha for Beginners Booklet
Integral Yoga Hatha
Price: $17.95
This DVD is suitable for practitioners of Hatha Yoga who are comfortable with the Integral Yoga level I class and are ready for more difficult postures and their variations. Large photographs show Swami Satchidananda performing more than 80 postures, breathing practices, relaxation, cleansing and concentration techniques. This booklet offers the essential practices of the popular Integral Yoga Hatha Class.
Integral Yoga Hatha for Pregnant Women Hatha Yoga for Kids by Kids Yoga for Preganancy
Yoga for Preganancy
Price: $16.95
Everything you need to know about incorporating hatha yoga's relaxing, toning, stretching, and centering techniques into your perfect preparation for a healthy, happy pregnancy and childbirth This is pure Hatha Yoga by young people who take it seriously. The clear photographs will inspire children to try these asanas themselves. The text is simple and direct. Labor is one of the most physical things you will ever do. You would not run a marathon without preparation; Why would you go into labor without preparing for it?