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Yoga for Preganancy
Price: $16.95
A one-half hour MP3 version of the widely respected Integral Yoga Institute Hatha Yoga class for beginners which can be conveniently practiced at home or on the go with your iPod or Phone. This 2 Disc program guides you through the calming and invigorating Integral Yoga class that has brought peace and health to thousands of yoga practitioners.
Labor is one of the most physical things you will ever do. You would not run a marathon without preparation; Why would you go into labor without preparing for it?
Yoga Nidra
One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das
List Price $29.99
Our Price $24.95
Savings: $5.04
Yoga Nidra - Swami Satyananda Saraswati
List Price: $13.95
Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $12.95
Savings: $1.00
In the Healing with the Chakras Meditation, Nischala Joy Devi guides the listener to the heart and experience of understanding the chakras of the human body. One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das follows Jeffery Kagel's journey to India and back, his struggles with depression and drug abuse, and his eventual emergence as Krishna Das the world-renowned spiritual teacher, chant master, and Grammy nominated recording artist. This text explains the theory of yoga nidra in both yogic and scientific terms and includes class transcriptions of the practice.
Integral Yoga Mat Bag
This is a hand crafted yoga mat bag with a beautifully embroidered Integral Yoga yantra on the front. This ancient blend of sandalwood and frankincense is dedicated to Nanak, the Guru of the Sikhs. Commentary by Swami Muktibodhananda & Swami Satyananda. Swatmarama's
original Sanskrit text, plus translation, and thorough commentary of
the seminal scripture on hatha yoga.
Yellow Rose Incense
A carefully selected bouquet of sweet Indian yellow roses. Beautiful double-sided laminated cards in an organized, sturdy three
ring binder -- a complete resource of over 100 Yoga poses and sequences.